Sunbird: Cherry Blossom Saison - 5% ABV

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5.0% ABV, 3000ml

Missing the sight of the Sakura blossoms in Japan? Let's bring Japan to you instead then.

Taste a perfect marriage of Japan's most beloved blossoms and Sunbird Brewing company’s Saison that is perfectly smooth and easy drinking. Cherry Blossom Saison is brewed and infused with ‘Kawazu-Zakura’ soft petals - a beautiful variety of cherry blossom to create soft floral sweetness with a tad of gingery spiciness and a dry ending.

Our kegs do not need to be finished in a single sitting since the beer never comes into contact with air. If using ADAM kegtop dispenser, simply pop it off and keep the keg in the fridge.

Users of EVE beer dispenser get a complimentary disposable beer line with every keg purchase.