About Us

Kegnologic provides a new way to enjoy your favourite brews - On Tap Anywhere.

The best craft beers just taste fresher, crisper and have a fuller aroma when drinking them on tap. We aim to bring you a range of our exceptional beer and in addition constantly curate great local beers to provide you with variety and quality. And we want you to have this experience without the hassle and expense of setting up and constantly maintaining a draft system.

Our draft beer system allows your to enjoy fresh beer on tap from the comfort of your home. The disposable mini kegs are filled directly from the brewer's tanks with no prior contact with oxygen or anything else that may rob the beer of its flavour.  They can be chilled and dispensed from our smart dispenser or follow you on your adventures using our keg-top dispenser.

Drink the beer as our brewer's meant them to be, on your couch, on the go or on tap anywhere!