Q1) How do I set up the mini keg for use in EVE beer dispenser?

Please refer to instruction video on EVE product page for step-by-step guide.


Q2) How do I use the ADAM kegtop dispenser on the mini keg?

Please refer to instruction video on ADAM product page for step-by-step guide.

For a new keg:

Step 1: After attaching ADAM dispenser to keg, pull lever fully upwards to release pressure in keg for the first pour.

Step 2: Push ADAM dispenser to add more pumps as you fill your glass. 

Step 3: To stop beer flow, push lever fully downwards.

For subsequent pours:

Step 1: With lever fully down, pump ADAM dispenser to pressurize keg until you feel resistance on the dispenser. 

Step 2: Once you reach this sweet spot, adding 2-3 more pumps will be sufficient. 

Step 3: Lift lever up to dispense beer, adding more pumps to fill your glass.

Step 4: To stop beer flow, push lever fully downwards.


Q3) How to achieve a perfect pour using ADAM kegtop dispenser? 

- Avoid over-pumping keg with ADAM kegtop dispenser as this creates excessive pressure in the keg. This in turn causes the beer to dispense too fast when the lever is lifted, which may lead to foamy beer.

- Ensure keg is sufficiently chilled.

- Do not agitate the keg excessively.