EVE - Beer Dispenser

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Our flagship dispenser that chills your beer, keeps your beer fresh for weeks, and taps you a cold one from our mini kegs without the need for CO2. She truly brings you craft beer on tap without the hassle.

EVE has a refrigerated chamber to keep your mini keg chilled. She has an inbuilt air compressor with a sensor to maintain constant pressure in the keg even while dispensing. This ensures smooth flow when tapping and helps to preserve your beer.

Our beers come in single-use recyclable 3L mini kegs. The beer is tapped via a disposable beer line which can be easily popped off and replaced at the same time when you change your keg.

No special gas cylinders, elaborate line cleaning and tap maintenance required. Just fresh beer on tap, anywhere!


1. For best results, when installing a new keg in eve, let it sit and settle for an hour or so before tapping

2. Pull the lever completely when tapping, feathering the lever restricts the flow and may cause foaming